The Benefits of Double or even Triple Glazing

If you are thinking about upgrading your windows you will almost certainly be considering double or triple glazed windows. Double or triple glazed windows are two or three panes of glass with an inert gas in-between. This differs to traditional single glazed windows which are simply a single pane of glass between your house and the elements.

There are a lot of benefits of upgrading to double or triple glazing windows including your financial gain and helping the environment, whilst offering you convenience, comfort and security.

Superior Insulation
A great deal of heat is lost through single glazed windows. Single pane windows act as weak spots in your house’s insulation, letting out much of the heat that has been generated by your heating system. By installing double or triple glazed windows you can massively reduce this heat loss. Double or triple glazing helps keep the heat in and also helps keep some of the heat out of the house on those hot, sunny days.

Lower Energy Bills
Thanks to the great insulation that double or triple glazing offers you will use less energy to heat your home. Because double or triple glazing keeps the heat in your house far more efficiently than single pane windows, your boiler will have to work less. This obviously means you will enjoy lower energy bills.

Better For the Environment
We are all looking to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible to help the Environment. Double or triple glazing offers a great way to help protect the planet. Not only will the energy efficiency of these windows keep your home comfortable, and your energy bills lower, but it will also mean that by using your boiler less – your home will be burning less gas or oil and therefore reducing its impact on the environment.

Keep the Noise Out
Double or triple glazing keeps the warmth in and the cold out but it can also keep the noise out as well. Double or triple glazing windows offer exceptional noise reduction values when compared to single pane windows. If you live near a road, railway, airport or even have some noisy neighbours, double or triple glazing will greatly reduce any noise pollution – keeping it out so you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Feel Even Safer
Double or triple glazing is obviously stronger and more resilient than single pane glass. Whilst you’re enjoying the peace and quiet that the sound reduction provides, you can also enjoy the physical safety of the windows. Double or triple glazing makes it far harder for anyone to break in and therefore you can sleep safe at night in the knowledge that your new windows have made it much, much harder for anyone to get in, deterring burglars from even attempting to break a glass pane to gain entry.