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Here at Lifestyle we carefully carry out every roofline installation as we’re all too aware how much damage can occur to tiles, felt and timbers if installers aren’t proficient in this field. Damage to property by forcible fascia removal or even falling debris hitting parked cars and ground floor extension roof damage are some of the many horror stories we come across.

You can rest assured Lifestyle roofline installers are experienced tradesmen and will have all the correct access equipment to ensure your installation is carried out with the greatest of care.

Our roofline product range comprises of the following components:

Fascias – the boards that are fitted to the bottom edge of your roof at the front and rear of your property.
Their main role is to support the first row of tiles, provide gutter fixing and protect the roof rafter ends.

Fascias need to support a tile weight without warping, breaking or stressing under the strain. They have to be strong enough to with stand several gallons of water which can run into the gutters during a downpour.
That’s why all Lifestyle fascias boards are made from high strength, quality 18mm PVCu for added strength and increased life-span.

Soffits boards – the boards that fit between the fascia and the wall of a property, unlike fascias they are less exposed to elements as they’re somewhat tucked away however they have to be kept in good condition.
They are designed to protect the roof rafters and seal the roof space preventing bird or rodent penetration.

However whilst sealing a roof from animals and the elements, it’s important that soffits also allow enough air-flow and ventilation in to prevent damp and any condensation forming. Roof space damp can be a major problem for home-owners.

Lifestyle’s long-life soffit boards are all available with either linear or circular integral ventilation slots for increased air circulation.

Bargeboards or Gable Ends – the fascia boards fitted to the diagonal edge of the roof along the eaves or gables of your house.
Like the fascias to the front and rear of a property, they do an important job of protecting roof timbers and brickwork from the elements. They are not a structural item but present an important shield so they must be kept in good condition at all times.

In addition, Lifestyle PVCu capping boards provide an alternative to having to repaint your new timber roofline so with some modern properties we’d recommend this as an alternative for full replacement.

As long as the existing fascias and soffits are free from rot and are in sound condition our capping boards fit directly to existing fascias/ soffits, attaching directly to them creating a weatherproof barrier which can prevent any future damage and cease any ongoing maintenance.

Lifestyle gutters and downpipes compliment new fascias and soffits boards. They are available in a range of profiles and colours to bring about a modern, traditional or conventional style to a roofline. Other than some occasional leaf/ moss removal once fitted our rainwater goods will carry water away from the property and feed into any drainage system.

If you think your roofline is damaged as its showing early signs of rot, cracking, warping or even peeling paint it’s important to act quickly as water or damp can be penetrating your roof space long before the effects become obvious.

Call Lifestyle’s specialist PVCu roofline quotation team today on 0845 519 8820 for your free, without obligation quotation.

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