How quality home improvements with Lifestyle will add value to your home

Our homes are an investment so, when it comes to property value, the question ‘how much is my house worth?’ is one of the most frequently asked. It’s then followed by an expected property valuation by a series of estate agents, which then results in most homeowners asking, ‘so how can I add value to my home?’ If that sounds familiar, there are plenty of ways to increase the value of your home – from a conservatory, replacement windows/ doors or a garage conversion.


There are a variety of reasons as to why you should extend your home with a conservatory; first of all it’s a gorgeous looking extension no matter what type you go for. Now the most popular conservatory tends to be a solid or glass roof conservatory; these are just a one story extension with either transparent roof or tiled affect usually to match the house. In many cases these are made to feel more homely and increase usable space rather than just add an occasional room to your home. When estate agents are valuing a house the two of the main things they look for are floor area and number of rooms – adding a conservatory to your property means you are extending both of these.

Replacement Windows/ Doors: 

Replacement windows doors will not only add value to your home but they will save you money. New windows/ doors will offer improved energy efficiency and security for your home. Older windows tend to have dated locking, and it leaks and let drafts into the home. The improved efficiency will give peace of mind and can help cut costs on heating costs. Not forgetting the safety and ease of use of new windows; upstairs windows always have fire-escapes and they are easier to clean because of the advanced hinging method – this allows you to slide the window over permitting cleaning access to the exterior of the window instead of doing so from the outside of the home. Replacement windows/ doors also give a gorgeous look to a property, from both outside and in, often revitalising a home.

Garage Conversions: 

There are a number of benefits in choosing a garage conversion as a way to extend your home, the main one being that it’s one of the lowest costing means of extending a home. Often without the need for planning permission and completed in a timely fashion it’s certainly an improvement any homeowner should consider. Within the UK most people don’t use their garage to store cars anymore and it just becomes an unused and unloved store so why not turn this space into an extra room, be it an office, dining room, office, lounge, playroom or extra bedroom.

With a double garage, you can even convert half the space, keeping somewhere to park your car should the need arise but still benefiting from a new room.

One of the great things about converting an existing garage is that most of the sub-structure is in place making it a straight-forward and economic conversion. In addition, many garages already have power so this assists the project also.

Home improvements not only give your house value a boost and make it more saleable but they are also likely to make your home a more pleasurable place to live.