How a conservatory can compliment a property

Add extra space, add interest and add monetary and architectural value to your property: a conservatory keeps the promise of all the above, and more.

A splendid addition
A conservatory is a majority room that is usually strategically positioned to capture the sun’s rays. It can be at the side, back or even the front of the house, wherever the architecture of the building may favour the building of an adjoining room, preferably part or full south facing to get some or all sunlight. The obsession with sunshine for a conservatory comes from its traditional function: to favour the growing of plants and create an indoor garden-room. Nowadays, that idea still holds, but with variations. Conservatories now get used as living-rooms, dining rooms, play rooms, billiard rooms, offices or just areas for lounging/relaxing; versatility is the keyword with today’s conservatory.
Construction variations
The building of a conservatory is an excellent way to add value and additional space to a property. While the actual construction process is straightforward and speedily concluded, the resulting look of the house remains forever enhanced, with an added point of interest and extra unique space. No two conservatories are the same; because of space and measurement factors, each conservatory is assembled according to the client’s specifications. There are a variety of attractive basic designs (lean-to, Edwardian, Victorian, P-shaped, and others) which are adapted according to the space available, the layout of the building and individual preference.
Materials and installation
Conservatories are built with traditional materials like brick and stone at the base, while supporting structures can be hardwood, aluminium or the favoured choice of PVCu. Then modern glazing, sealant and insulation systems all conspire to create a warm cosy room that is pleasant in all seasons. The choice of materials should be made together with an expert installer, one who is well-known locally and has a reputation to uphold, and who will guarantee both materials and the finished construction. Your well-built extra room will compliment your property tastefully and profitably for many years to come.
As a conservatory is in affect an outside room, the roof is an important element. Roofing materials are usually thick, toughened, safety glass or hard, durable, glass-like polycarbonate with self-clean, UV protected and even anti flooring/ furniture fade glass options available. Your specialist installer can advise you on this. A transparent yet super-protective roof lets in the sun, efficiently keeps out the rain and even permits star glazing of an evening so in the right situation they can be a lovely touch.
Conservatory living
However a new conservatory gets used, it is an enrichment for any house giving often unique and special additional living space. Most conservatories, positioned where the sun sheds more rays, abound in luxuriant greenery and create a permanent summer afternoon atmosphere. Your property acquires a magic area where people can relax in a garden setting and gaze at the sky in any weather. The all-round fully insulated glazing keep winter’s wrathful nipping cold at bay even as you admire a snow-fall outside. A comfy cosy conservatory is a room for all seasons with endless uses – every home should have one.