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Lifestyle PVCu multi-fold doors are highly functional, innovative and attractive; transforming any environment with light, space and accessibility.

The Lifestyle PVCu multi-fold door is a safe, versatile and secure barrier and can be made to suit just about any aperture. Whatever the combination, from a small three leaf to a large seven leaf system, all door leafs slide to the side revealing a full opening of up to five metres!
With endless possibilities, the Lifestyle multi-fold door makes rooms feel much bigger and they make a living space more flexible by taking the divide away from room and garden.
Imagine opening up into a conservatory, onto a terrace or dividing a lounge and dining room or simply just offering a panoramic view onto the garden.
In a range of PVCu finishes, with sculptured beads and low site lines, the Lifestyle PVCu multi-fold doors offer a host of security features and are fully weather-proofed requiring little of no maintenance so they can compliment any home by being extremely versatile and bringing the outside in.

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Introducing the innovative Lifestyle Lift and Slide PVCu Door.

Historically a sliding door of exceptional size, for maximum viewing area, carried width limitations and was heavy to operate. To combat these issues Lifestyle can now offer the latest lift and slide PVCu patio door range. Offering substantial individual sash widths of up to 3-metres each this innovative door is engineered for ease of operation and to push the boundaries set by conventional sliding doors.
Cleverly, by lowering the rollers to lift the door off its seals, the door glides and operates effortlessly by handle operation making it a joy to open and close.
Manufactured in a high quality, long-life, PVCu 168mm profile with internal glazing, this beautiful door is available in white, mahogany, golden-oak, dark green and even a choice of greys with complimentary furniture.
Offering an array of security features the Lifestyle lift and slide PVCu door is well weather-proofed and thermally efficient requiring little or no maintenance. It has stainless steel rollers/ track, a minimal 111mm centre and 28mm or 30mm width glazing options, dependant on door size.

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